Perkins is a high-stakes regular poker

Bill Perkins is a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, focused on venture capital and energy markets. In her spare time, she is also a film producer. But for those of us in the poker world, Perkins is a high-stakes regular poker that has also been the catalyst for some of the more bizarre prop bets in recent memory.

The 51-year-old University of Iowa graduate had more than $ 5.4 million in live tournament revenue, including a $ 2 million score for finishing third in the $ 111,111 buy-in One Drop High Roller in 2013.His biggest money came last summer at Triton. Poker Super High Roller London for $ 2.7 million.

Although he had been financially successful during his lifetime, Perkins was determined to trade that wealth for time and experience to make the most of his remaining years of visiting the dewa poker. Perkins’ most recent project is his new book dedicated to sharing those principles, Die With Zero: Getting All You Can From Your Money And Your Life.

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