Runners are just a matter of luck to get magic cards

While lying in bed another morning, I thought about that particular hand I just won at Hustler Casino. It was a $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em game with a full table of nine players. I’m a little behind, and it’s almost time for me to pack up and go home; So, I hope for a win which might make me a winner for this session. (I hate coming home loser!)

As it turns out, this particular card was decided by the runners-runners at Turn and the River. I went on a trip to beat the opponent’s overpair to the board. The odds are very high against catching runners. More often than not, runners occur when drawing straight or flat.

In the cut-off position, I looked down at AJ’s spade – great start to poker88. The starting position was raised, and the other four and I called. It was a multi-directional pot. If I hooked up, it would be a good sized pot that could easily get me going for the session.

Drop failure: 10s-7h-2c. With my AJ’s spade in the hole, I have three flush nuts, and two overcards to the board. There is a reasonable opportunity for me to improve to be the best. So, along with the other two, I call the starting position bet; no raise.

The turn is Jc, giving me the top pair on the board. I think my hand is now in the lead – but it’s pretty fragile. So, having checked around for me, I made my bet to reduce the number of opponents who stayed on hand. I hope my pair of Jacks will hold onto to take the pot in the fight.

River is another Jack, give me a trip. That’s the Jack Runner-runner for me! When we show our hands at the ends, the starting position is holding Queens; he was ahead until the River. Wow, I got lucky! Thanks to g-ds poker that hand put me ahead for this session. I was a happy 91 year old man when I left the casino that night.

Catching the runners at Turn and River is a great opportunity. In that case, just catching Jack on the Turn would cost me the Queens starting position. On the River, I only have five outs – three Aces and two Jacks. The odds are about 9 to 1 against me. Returning to Turns, the odds are even higher (about 20 to 1) against Jack Run, the runners-runners. Had I known this, the odds of the pot would have been too small to warrant me making a bet. I had negative expectations but didn’t know them. No doubt about it: I was very lucky.