The California State Poker Championship got off to a great start at Commerce Casino

The California State Poker Championship kicks off at the Commerce Casino on Friday, April 28 with Event No. 1: Unlimited Hold’em Double Stack’s $ 50,000 Guarantee features a $ 175 purchase.

The series is off to a great start as this weekend saw some large audiences. There were 465 players in Event No. 1. Jered Wood of Granada Hills, California, won $ 11,495 for first place. Ryan Hanna from Imperial Beach, California, and Eduardo Mayor from Placentia, California, took home second and third place, respectively.

But Incident No. 2: Unlimited Triple Stack Hold’em, or the so-called “Social Experiment”, which generates the most buzz. The show features a $ 350 visit dewapoker purchase, a $ 100,000 guarantee and an initial stack of 30,000. What’s different about this special occasion is that no cell phones, sunglasses, headphones or hoodies are coming from the table. There are many pros and cons photos on social media about this social experiment.

I followed the reaction on Twitter. On the day of the tournament, Tournament Director Matt Savage tweeted, “People talk, laugh, and have fun. Some players complained, but it turned out that it was proof that they were willing to try new ideas. As Matt put it, “The 511 entries for a tournament are a lot saying they will never play. Extraordinary! No real problem – 6 picks all day and just because people forget.

“The players communicated, laughed and really enjoyed it. There are games that are much faster because people are paying attention, and they get a different story without the call. According to the blog, Commerce tournament, Matt describes how he came up with the idea: “A guy named Scott Wilson, who started Paradise Poker, who is

one of the original Internet companies, sent a tweet saying we should run the tournament without using electronic devices. Matt continues, “We took the idea, then he and he expanded it by not only supporting electronic devices, but headphones, hoodies, and sunglasses as well. “I think social interaction is about poker, and I think we’ve lost some of that with all these devices at the table. “

I agree with Matt. One of the best parts of playing poker is social interaction. Of course, this is a personal decision each party makes regarding everyone they want to share at the table.