Loss of Rp. 114 Billion Casino, Famous Gamblers Accused of “Cheating”

A casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States (US), recently filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s famous poker players. Borgata Casino, the name of the gambling place, accused the gamblers of cheating, until they lost and lost nearly US $ 10 million or around Rp.114 billion.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court last week, the casino accused Phillip Ivey Jr., the gambler who was also the nine-time World Championship Poker winner at Dewa Poker, of broadly cheating by using an “edge sorting” technique. Borgata Casino accused Ivey of taking advantage of the card maker’s mistake, which he predicted when he noticed a difference in the card’s back design motif.

As quoted by Gawker from the Associated Press (AP), the lawsuit states that Ivey and a colleague, in the Baccarat game, asked the dealer to turn the card in a certain way, depending on if there was a card desired. In this case, the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 are considered good cards.

Meanwhile, according to the information in the prosecution file, the “bad” cards will be flipped in different directions, so that after a few cards, the good cards will be arranged in a certain pattern where the “unusual” side faces a certain direction. That’s where Ivey is said to be able to confirm when the cards are issued by the dealer.

It was also explained that the cards produced by Gemaco Inc should feature a circle design that looks like the top of a diamond cut (half) pattern. However, the diamonds in the pattern are slightly different in shape.

According to AP’s records, another casino, Golden Nugget Casino, previously filed a lawsuit against Gemaco, because their cards had made it easy for gamblers to win up to US $ 1.5 million (Rp.17 billion). On the other hand, it is known that Ivey may not have been a “clean” person, as previously a casino in London had sued him for the same reason, and they won. (Gawker)