Playtech, GVC Majority Rules Debut Accelerate Live Blackjack Casino Titles

Major online gambling provider Playtech on Friday unveiled the newest addition to its Live Casino lineup, Majority Rules Speed ​​Blackjack.

The company says its newest Live Casino Online titles are yet another scalable game made around community gaming.

Speed ​​Blackjack’s Majority Rule introduces a new level of player interaction, adding an unusual twist to classic blackjack gameplay. The new Playtech product comes with two different modes – Rule of Majority and Best Strategy. The number of players involved in each round determines the mode.

In Majority Rule mode, all players choose whether they want to Hit, Stand, Multiply or Divide. 50% or more of the sound automatically triggers the preferred action.

In games involving less players, Best Strategy mode is activated. In this mode, the player’s hand is completed automatically according to the predefined blackjack best strategy flow.

In both new Playtech Casino live game modes, players need to determine in advance whether to receive the best vote or strategy decision regarding the Split and Double actions as they require additional funds.

Playtech developed Majority Rules Speed ​​Blackjack together with GVC Holdings. The game will be available across the network in July.

Innovation and Experience-Led Gameplay at the Core of Product Strategy

Commenting on their latest release, Playtech Live Casino CEO Edo Haitin said that “experience-led innovation and gameplay” is at the core of the company’s product strategy and Majority Rules Speed ​​Blackjack “delivers both.”

Haitin went on to say that the success of the Playtech community’s Live Slots concept has demonstrated “player demand for fun & interactive gameplay” and that they believe the combination of classic Blackjack gaming with “collaborative play”, the new community will be the main hit with players. “

From their collaboration with Playtech on the Rule of Majority Speed ​​Blackjack, GVC Live Casino Head Matt Charlesworth said they were excited to bring “games of this kind” to their players across the online gaming brand GVC.