The first step is to choose the most profitable table

First and foremost, when you join such a poker site, the first thing that you should pay attention to is the following table which defines the statistics. A good understanding of what each stat represents can help you make the right choice of tables.

• Stakes: What are the sizes of the small and big blinds and the size of their next bet? For example, in table 5c / 10c, this should be: small blind = 5 cents ($ 0.05), big blind = 10 cents ($ 0.1).

• Players: The maximum number of players allowed at the table, as well as the number of players currently sitting. For example, if you see “6/9,” it means that the table is a 9-player table, but currently only 6 players are seated and there are 2 spare seats visit dewapoker.

• Limit: This tells you the boundary nature of the tables you are joining. It can be No Limit (set as NL), Pot limit, or Limit (fixed).

• Average pot: This tells you the average value of pot wins for the table

• Players per flop: This will tell you the average number of players who saw the flop. Namely, those who did not fold before failing. And who calls the pre bet flop and sees the cards at the flop. For example, if you see 40% Player / flop at a ten-person table, that means an average of 4 players saw every flop. This will tell you that at any point in time on that table, there are at least 4 large blinds in the pot.

• Hands / hour: If you don’t like playing poker at high speed, this is a stat you will want to check first. This stat is an indication of how fast or slow a table is. It shows the number of hands dealt per hour. The higher the number, the faster the table.

• Wait: Usually displayed to let you know the number of players waiting to join a table. After the player leaves, the next person in line from the waiting list joins the table.