Casino’s ability to properly analyze Shuffle Master games

Successful casino games are slow, inclined constantly, and sometimes have some drawbacks. I’ve written many times how Mississippi Stud Poker had only two tables for the first few years of its existence. Currently it is a monster hit.

Three Card Poker has an advantage that no current game has – almost no competition. Back then, that meant eliminating useless blackjack tables. Right now, that opportunity means eliminating games that are doing well, hoping this new game will perform even better. It is getting more risky for casinos visit MADUQQ.

Those in the industry and whose core job is to make games understand the success process is a slow process. Several years ago, I analyzed a game for Shuffle Master (since it was picked up by Bally Technologies, which was picked up by Scientific Games) called Deuces Joker Wild. The original version that I analyzed is probably a little different from the current version, but the essence is still the same. This game was shown at the Global Gaming Expo in 2015 and was featured again last year. Four or five years later and 2 years later the number of tables living in sections is shown in several dozen.

Was this a big hit? Not yet. Will it? Possible. This is despite the fact that it’s not up to a few hundred by the end of the year and it’s impossible to get close to where Three Card Poker – which is roughly 2,000 tables. Scientific Games will be happy if during the next few years he continues to climb and reach 100-200 tables and can survive or continue to grow slowly.