making a big pot is a great feeling in poker

It’s a hand that’s almost unbelievable. That happened a few months ago.

I was at the $ 4- $ 8 limit Texas Hold’em game with the table full. Before the flop, I had screwed up my hole cards, leaving seven or eight players in the pot. But this hand looked different somehow.

It’s a loose and quite aggressive game, with lots of chips moving around the table. The Under-the-Gun position opened a bet and was raised by Jeff at UTG + 2.From my middle position, I immediately folded when two of my hole cards failed to meet the Hold’em Algorithm criteria, visit SBCPOKER.

Then my friend Molly, who was at Button, got back up again, making her the 3rd bet. Molly is a lovely woman in her 80s and we often play at the same table. I enjoy his presence and support him to win. Unfortunately, he rarely did. Making big bets before the flop, I know he must have had a really strong starting hand.

Several opponents called him a raise, and we all watched the dealer reverse the flop. And what a failure with many possibilities:

At this point, let me tell you about the hole cards that Molly and Jeff held, which were later revealed during the fight: Jeff has been dealt Ace-King (“Big Slick”); and Molly has pocket kings.

Failure to give Molly a set of Kings. I could see that he was very excited, as he took a bunch of chips before his turn to act. I don’t think Molly understands the concept of telling. And that gave Jeff the top two pairs – Aces and Kings. The two of them dropped their strong artificial hands; and Molly went crazy.