who dares to call himself a “poker pro”

This description hardly applies to anyone who calls himself a “poker pro” – players who depend on poker for a living and to support their families. Poker pros also don’t apply their skills to the benefit of others, as doctors. Indeed, our poker world has accepted a very limited definition of pro poker, agree or not. So let’s live with it.

According to Michael Wiesenberg’s Official Dictionary of Poker, poker pros are players who rely on poker as their main source of income. For her sake, she better be an expert at visiting ARTAPOKER.

Amateurs: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an amateur is a person who does something – such as participating in a sport or hobby (such as playing poker) – for pleasure and not as a job. It is rare for a poker amateur to spend the time and effort to substantially develop his skills.

Like a pro, an amateur tries to be a winner, but is unlikely to succeed. Hopefully, he’s financially secure and good at money management, and not dipping in the funds he needs to support his family, and for emergencies.

Recreational players: According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, recreation “is a recreational activity which is free time.” Recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for fun, entertainment, or pleasure – to “have fun.” So, a recreational poker player uses his free time to enjoy the game of poker. Some did try to improve their skills.